People's Migration Challenge: ROUND 3 Migration, COVID-19 and a New Social Contract

By: MAP   Posted on 2021-08-20

Building on the rich exchanges that we had in Rounds 1 and 2, we are now on Round 3 of the People's Migration Challenge. Unlike the previous rounds, Round 3 is purely online interactions/engagements through social media and email.

In Round 3, we will continue the exchanges using our Facebook and Twitter accounts, email, and website (you can chat with us using the Facebook bubble at the bottom right of your screen) to encourage people to engage with different stakeholders at their convenience.

We are posting postcards containing discussion/action points in four (4) languages (Arabic, English, French, and Spanish) in relation to each of the five (5) thematic areas every Monday and Wednesday.

The 1-pager discussion brief will be posted every Thursday. It summarizes the discussion and action points from Rounds 1 and 2. The 1-pager on Migration, COVID-19 and a New Social Contract is already available on Facebook, Twitter, and website.

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