Ni Ni Aye's return to Myanmar: From migrant factory worker to businesswoman

Ni Ni Aye says she dreamed of starting a clothing business back in Thailand ever since she started working in Thailand. “I remitted half of my salary to my parents and I saved the ot ... Read More

By: Augustus Anonuevo   Posted on 2021-06-21

Keomouangluang's journey: From migrant domestic worker to mushroom entrepreneur

After working in Thailand for almost two years as a migrant domestic worker, Douang Keomouangluang returned to her home in Nong Kae Village in the southern province of Salavan in Lao Peopl ... Read More

By: Augustus Anonuevo   Posted on 2021-06-21

Women in Viet Nam learn how to stay safe when working abroad

Ha Tinh, Viet Nam — Thi Nguyen said she sensed something was wrong when the taxi driver in Bangkok, after realizing she was a migrant worker from Viet Nam, took what ... Read More

By: Thao Hoang   Posted on 2021-06-15

If Duration is Medium, Travel Bans Increase Infections, Says Study

When most of the Indian cities have imposed medium-duration lockdowns again to contain the second wave of COVID-19 spread, trapping millions of migrant workers in those hotspots, a new stu ... Read More

By: Rejimon Kuttappan   Posted on 2021-06-14


In his first State of the Nation Address in 2016, President Duterte revisited one of the promises he made during the campaign period: the creation of a department for overseas Fi ... Read More

By: The Migrant Watch   Posted on 2021-06-01